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“To light a candle is to cast a shadow.” – Ursula K. Le Guin

Deep, echoing and billowing sounds. Candles burn like burning until you drop dead gorgeous. Sometimes, this is like the most burn-out you can get.

I remember that as little children, whenever there was a blackout (a night time brownout), we would play behind a candle and make enough space for the now-called shadow dance. I mean, who would miss it in the world of no lights? Then, it was called a silly brown-out game. Now, it has become an art for by likes of performances and a mime of spurts pirouetted by the likes of Philippine’s El Gamma Penumbra.

Oftentimes, a white background castigated in the dark with beaming light gives emphasis to the shadows behind. Even a hand or group of people can pull international performances added with cinematic music and effects to make magic come to life. Even animations have simple silhouettes for their working on a monochromatic and minimalistic drama.

Minimalism is such a trend! The contrast of black and white is simple and enough to find creativity and joy. Perhaps, it all started with the idea of a candle – the light, dark and shadows.

Just like a candle, we often try to give light and inspire people but sometimes, we forget ourselves. Sadly, there are times when you offer one hand, some ask for the other. I don’t know why but many times – it’s a formula for disaster.

Therefore, it is time to turn your back not with animosity but with loving from afar – a chance to set boundaries for self-care. When it weighs you down, someone and something somewhere is teaching you to let go. Although, it is better said than done especially when you are the one left behind. Eventually, it will grow into you that you need to make space for yourself, your mental health and for others too. In the process, you learn to tend to the most important person that is you. Why? It is because you cannot pur for an empty cup.

Many times, we must be our own candle and not merely burn ourselves for others. You deserve as much light as you give out into this world. Reach from within for that long-lasting candle the way you reach out for your cellphones every now and then.

Make it a habit to love yourself first. This is a salient reminder for people who have forgotten themselves in the toxicity of the world. Sometimes peace is better as a wallflower – the perks of being a wallflower!

Anyway candles burn unless it gets hot on a candlelight date or you put that ultra-beam LED light with HD sound with Netflix on. Then you know what a real jive of peace and contentment is in the cinematic surround. Otherwise, relax in your cozy room space and do what works for you. Read, write or draw some arts. Fill your world with creativity!

Celebrate yourself. You matter too!

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